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Old Timers Clock Repair is located in Hewlett Long Island, New York. The shop was established in 1974. The shop owner and sole proprietor is Mark Lindenbaum, known as the "Master Clock Maker". The business is family owned and operated for over 40 years.

Old Timers specializes in repairing antique clocks. Our master clockmaker repairs and restores all Antique Clocks. Old Timers has experience in all European & American Antique Clocks.

Our aim is to see the customer satisfied. Mark Lindenbaum is a crafts person with a high caliber of skill and experience. His customers trust his abilities and advice. Besides Marks' technical capabilities, he possesses a unique knowledge of Antiquarian Horology.

REPAIR & RESTORATION: Old Timers clocks is one of the few remaining full service expert mechanical repair & restoration shops that refuses to take shortcuts or temporary measures in the repair and/or restoration of any antique timepiece.

If needed, mechanical clock service includes total disassembly, changing mainsprings, tooth replacement, re-pivoting, bushings, pinion replacement, parts restoration, rust removal, polishing and any repair related procedures. We use only eco-friendly waterless non-ammoniated professional high grade L&R solutions in the cleaning process.

As an additional service, we are fully equipped to create, replace or duplicate missing or damaged wood case parts including complete decorative clock tops. Antique wood is primarily utilized in our wood clock case restoration, resulting in the best color match and texture for your valuable antique timepiece.


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